About the campaign


People regularly die in custody or from police gunfire. There are no official statistics published. However, recent deaths – Hussam Fadl, Amad Ahmad, Matiullah Jabarkhil, Rooble Warsame, William Tonou-Mbobda, Aman A. – suggest that Black people and people of color are at particularly high risk of losing their lives in state “custody” or being killed by police – a clear indication of racist structures.

What happens in custody is beyond external control. As a result, in the event of death, the police and security guards can decide what to report about the incident. Again and again this leads to the criminalization of the victims, because they are presented as perpetrators themselves after their death in order to exonerate the police. Those who are really responsible, however, hardly ever have to expect consequences. The authorities do all to cover up the omissions and crimes of state employees and to delay investigations until their dismissal hardly generates any media interest.

The campaign

  • researches and publishes information to make visible how frequently and continuously people die in custody
  • remembers people of color who died in custody so that their stories are not forgotten
  • works to connect and strengthen the resistance of groups at risk of death in custody
  • calls for investigation, accountability and the establishment of effective protection mechanisms to prevent death in custody